ATX Wolves is a local, youth basketball team that has been steadily growing over the past three years.  We started out by playing in the YMCA Premier league, then the PAC, then the Neighborhood Sports league and then back to the PAC.  In between in all those leagues, we took the rec teams and decided to throw them in some local tournaments to just let the boys experience the game at the next level.  From there, the fire began burning to where we felt like it was just in our desires to help these young athletes strive for greatness.  We approach the game by teaching the kids a "position-less" offense that teaches the boys more about team work, passing and constant movement philosophies that will help them excel in learning the real feel for the game rather than learning a spot on the floor.  We want the players to enjoy the game, enjoy their teammates and we inspire them to build lasting relationships with their teammates because thats what the game is about.  We want to help these young athletes learn what it will take to be better individuals on and off the court.  Respect, teamwork, integrity for the each other as well as the game, hard work, dedication, discipline and determination are some of the key coaching points that we will strive to instill in each and every one of them.  

Coach Shawn

Coach Shawn grew up playing basketball in Killeen/Ft Hood in a time when basketball was about pride and defense instead of all this three point shooting and flopping you see on TV now.  He played high school basketball at Florence where he was a 2 year starter (after fracturing his ankle and missing all of his 9th grade year sports.  Then as a first year varsity starter (as a Junior) was named All District Point Guard.  Then as a Senior, Coach was named All District Point Guard again, finished in the top 20 in assists per game in the Austin and Surrounding area according to Austin American Statesman stats, was selected as an All Central Texas Point Guard and Team MVP for a team that went to the state playoffs back to back in 2001 and 2002. Coach played in numerous all-star games in Dallas, Waco and Temple, as well as AAU and MAYB tournaments for Killeen/Ft Hood teams between 2000-2002 and was selected for a National AAU team in the summer of 2002. Coach passed on numerous college offers across the state and chose to try to walk on at the great University of Texas but some guy named TJ Ford happened to have been there as well.  Since his playing days, Coach Shawn has now coached numerous teams across multiple leagues over the past 3 years such as the YMCA, the PAC and Neighborhood Sports.

Coach Shawn has a beautiful wife named Maria who is deeply involved in this program and three beautiful children Mercedes, Shawn and Mya.


"God has blessed me with an amazing wife and kids who love the game of basketball just as much as I do. I look forward to helping inspire more young athletes to play the game with heart, great team-first attitudes and a hard work ethic that will help them on the court as well as in real life."      -Coach  



Team Accomplishments:


Spring 2019 Excel Heart of Texas Classic 2nd Place - 9th grade

Fall 2018 Magic Select League Champs - 7th/8th/9th Mixed

Summer 2018 PAC Select League Champs 7th/8th Mixed

Spring 2018 PAC Select League 2nd Place - 6th/7th grade

Spring 2018 PAC Select League Champs - 8th grade

Summer 2018 PAC Hardwood Classic Champs - 8th grade

Spring 2018 Lampasas Classic Champs - 8th grade

Fall 2017 PAC Turkey Day Tournament - 6th grade 3rd place

Summer 2017 PAC League 7th/8th grade Rec League 3rd place

Summer 2017 PAC League 5th/6th grade Select League 3rd place

Spring 2017 YMCA Rookie Plus 12U Champions

Winter 2016 PAC League 7th/8th grade division 2nd place (played up)

Fall 2016 PAC League 5th/6th Grade 12U Champions

Spring 2016 YMCA Premier 13U - 2nd place (played up)

Winter 2015 YMCA Premier 12U - Champions

Coach Mikey Parsons

Coach Mikey joined us this Spring/Summer and has been a great help in pushing our older 9th grade group to develop.  His younger brother Sam Parsons is on the team (pictured with him to the left) and the two have been a great addition to the Wolves family.  Coach Mike has an awesome feel for the game both offensively and defensively, he has a strong work ethic that I know will translate to these players since he is great with boys and his competitive nature fits right in with us.  I am glad to have guys like Mikey helping our basketball family grow.  It won't be long until Coach Mike is running his own squad as we continue to grow.  

- Coach Shawn



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